Four core competitiveness of ukada in spiral plate heat exchanger selection


Four core competitiveness of ukada in spiral plate heat exchanger selection

1.Strong strength, 40 years of focus on spiral plate heat exchanger manufacturing industry experience.

Independent research and development of large spiral plate slitting, flanging, bubble forming and rolling line, as well as large-scale spiral plate automatic welding center, from equipment selection to manufacturing, according to different product application requirements to provide corresponding equipment materials. It can produce large spiral plate heat exchanger with 2 m plate * width and 3 m diameter (600 square meters with 16 channels) and weight of 22 tons. The technology of wear-resistant spiral plate is far better than Alfa Laval, and the technological level exceeds that of Japanese brands, meeting your high-quality requirements.

2. Exquisite workmanship, quality can stand the test.

The chief engineer of heat exchanger manufacturing has 50 years of industry experience. He strictly follows the product quality inspection system, standardized inspection process, and tests each production process according to the standard. He refuses to cut corners to ensure the quality of spiral plate heat exchanger. 50 years of focus on spiral plate heat exchanger design, R & D, manufacturing, 49500 customer service experience.

3. Timely delivery saves time and worry.

Fully automatic welding process, greatly shorten the lead time. We have established a long-term cooperation relationship with SF logistics to ensure the arrival on time.

4. Quality guarantee in October and may, lifelong equipment maintenance and after-sales guarantee.

24 hours online response, dedicated cooperation and close service, from order negotiation, technical solution confirmation, production and manufacturing to product delivery, arrange special person to follow up, provide customized equipment suggestions according to your needs, and professional service team can solve problems within 72 hours. October and may warranty, lifetime equipment maintenance.