Maintenance of spiral plate heat exchanger


Ukada provides maintenance service for spiral plate heat exchanger.

Maintenance of spiral plate heat exchanger

Our experienced technical team can diagnose the cause of the fault through appropriate tests. Whether it is a leaking tube in a shell and tube heat exchanger or a cracked plate in a plate heat exchanger, we will find out the problem and make the most appropriate repair.

We also conducted field tube plugging tests, including removal and re installation of channel heads (using new gaskets) and final hydrostatic testing.

Maintenance of spiral plate heat exchanger

Eddy current testing (ECT) can also be carried out in the field to determine wall thickness and predict the remaining life of the tube.

A "dye test" is carried out on the plates of the plate and frame heat exchanger to detect tiny cracks and / or pinholes to avoid cross contamination of the fluid in the system.

The ukadar team is ready to work with you to quickly diagnose problems when problems arise and to provide the most appropriate, cost-effective remedy for your system.