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Product Introduction of bubbling spiral plate heat exchanger:

Spiral Plate Heat Exchanger is an ideal heat exchange equipment, the medium in the heat exchanger is full countercurrent flow, the two media can get the same flow characteristics suitable for gas-gas, gas-liquid, liquid-liquid convection heat transfer, steam condensation and liquid evaporation heat transfer.

Bubbling spiral plate heat exchanger

At present, this product is widely used. At the same time, the non-fixed distance spiral plate heat exchanger developed by our company has solved the problem of channel blockage.

Working Principle of bubbling spiral plate heat exchanger:

The two ends of the spiral channel are welded and sealed by interlacing edges, and the end face seal adopts the sealing structure of top cover and gasket; The two channels are easy to be cleaned, mainly used for gas-liquid, liquid-liquid heat exchange; it is especially suitable for dirty and easy-to-scale media.

According to the opinions of users and equipment units, the product sample of spiral plate heat exchanger adds four data, namely, effective area, nozzle height, inclined tube length and support height, to install the equipment for users, the design and selection of design units provide convenience and fill the gaps of other similar products in China.

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